Letter To Senior Self

It’s amazing how four years can fly by when you’re having the time of your life. It seems like just yesterday I was walking into my first class at Longwood. Now I am preparing to walk across the stage on Wheeler lawn.

I know the first year was difficult with moving, adjusting to a new town, changing rooms and roommates, along with being sent home because of Coronavirus. I hope that through all of my future endeavors I still remain as dedicated to my education as I was my freshman year. I also hope I remember to have a little fun along the way with some of the amazing new friends I have made.

I hope that like many other Computer Science majors I have found my dream job before walking across the stage. If not I know I will find the perfect job in the town I desire to settle down in after college. I see myself being successful and involved one the next three years here at Longwood.