Citizen 110 – Society and Its Monsters

In my fall semester here at Longwood I took Citizen 110. This class focused on society and its monsters. 

In this class, we covered a variety of topics. We talked about the different kinds of monsters in our society. Some which are real and some that are inferred to exist. We learned how to articulate arguments and defend them. The arguments we made had to logically flow from one thing to the next and have an overall conclusion that backed the initial argument. 

We explored different topics surrounding monsters and the different viewpoints that society has on them. One example is serial killers, we talked about how their youth influenced their future actions and created our own arguments about the topics. 

Below is my favorite argument I created in this class for a presentation. I analyzed the D.C. Sniper and did intensive research on them the entire Fall semester of 2019. It argued that domestic violence caused by military training will never be publicized as much as other heinous acts that are caused by that same training. 

Overall I took a lot away from this class and have used the skills in other classes so far at Longwood.

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