Citizen 410 – Lancer Launchpad

I absolutely loved this class, one of my favorites over the past 3 1/2 years.

This class encouraged me to think in ways I had not been asked to during my time in college. It was fun and also slightly challenging. The goal of this class was to actually launch something out into the world. Even if it was a complete fail that was okay, the hardest part is trying.

Me and two fellow computer science majors in the class decided we wanted to work together and develop an app. We worked though out the semester to design something that solved out problem. How do we reduce the amount of food waste people make?

This is actually a really hard problem to solve. Through lots of research and our own surveys we determined that millennials and younger were the age groups wasting the most food. Since these individuals are use to using technology everyday we decided to design and app that would track when food goes bad and send notifications before expiring. The app will also give recipe recommendations based onw hat you already have.

Down below is the icon that we designed for out app. This app is still in the works but we hope to one day deploy this to the world.