MATH 307 – Intro to Math Game Theory

I took Math 307 to cover the Quantitative or Scientific Perspective. In this class wee explored the basics of game theory and how to analyze a variety of dilemmas. To do this we used best response analyses and mixed strategies. I did expect this class to be more centered around traditional games, which is what people tend to think about when discussing this class. However once I realized what truly was a game I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Overall the class was fun and we did many assignments in groups or did activities in class to promote teamwork to help us learn.

This artifact is my notes from this class. Unlike many other classes we did not write papers or give presentations in this class. These notes cover some of my favorite topics from the course. This covers some of the most common dilemmas we covered in the course. As a math lover I thought that this class was super fun and interesting. Dr. Wears is also one of the best math professors I feel that Longwood has and is amazing at teaching.