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Service is an incredibly important aspect of the honors college at Longwood University. Part of being a good citizen is being of service to others and giving back to the community. This was one aspect of my life that I had never paid any attention to. I had actively avoiding seeking out and participating in service activities because, quite frankly, I was lazy and selfish. I didn’t see a need for me to exert effort for something if I didn’t receive anything in return. During my freshman year at Longwood University, the gaming club held a 24 hour charity event to help raise money for St. Jude’s children hospital cancer research. This event was a 24 hour gaming session with tournaments, games, and just free gaming time. I took part in this event, donating money and participating in this event in order to try and give back to the community, and to try and help in any sort of way that I can. Participating in this event truly humbled me. I learned how big of an impact even a small act of charity can make. I was able to see past my own selfish view of the world for the first time and truly start to think about others that were less fortunate than me. My time at Longwood has helped to teach me that giving back and helping your community, in no matter how small a way, leaves a genuine impact in someones life.