PHIL 315

Attached is my final paper for Biomedical Ethics that I took during the 2019-2020 winter intersession. This paper was to consist of argument that I was able to pull from a scholarly article that had to do with biomedical ethics. For this paper I found an article about physician assisted suicide.

This course was a two week, three credit class that I was required to take for my major. It was a very, very interesting class. It really got me thinking and helped me to gain understanding from different sides of arguments. Furthermore, this class has benefited me by looking at certain cases that may occur in my future work place such as physician assisted suicide which is what I wrote about. If there come a time when I have to decide whether a choice is ethically immoral or moral, I will be able to use the knowledge gained though this class to make the most ethical decision. I hope to use this knowledge today as I make decision for what I believe is right and just. Furthermore, I hope to continue gaining understanding on different topics so that I am well rounded and well educated.

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