ENGL 376

Attached is my final portfolio for Culture and Story: A Cultural Approach to Writing course. This is a composition of two stories that I wrote and edited throughout the Spring 2020 semester. These were stories in which I had complete freedom to write as long as they had a culture. In class we focused heavily on what culture is and how and why different cultures exist.

This was a course that gave me a mental break from my other courses that were very content heavy. While it was heavy in writing and time consuming, it was well worth it because it showed me the importance of reading for fun and even taking a break from your everyday life to dive into a new challenge. I hope to continue writing different things throughout the years. I hope to reflect upon what I have writing one day and see the growth. I hope people know that even if they don’t think they can do something, as long as they try their best, they can accomplish anything because that was me with this class. I was not the best at writing fictional stories, but when I wrote from the heart, one could tell and that is when it was a success.

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