Internship Goals

Sarah Irby
Junior Internship Goals

During my internship I want to:

1) Understand agency’s assessment process and procedures.

  •  Learn how to interview participant and families to appropriately place into programs along the continuum of care


2. Review and revise ca​se status with mentor to ensure ​services provided to participants are appropriate.


3. Collaborate with mentor on adapting and modifying participants desired activities to ensure safe and satisfactory program experiences.


4. Select assistive technology as needed so participant can be successful in programs attending.


5. Clearly explain the purpose of the intervention from course project to audience to ensure their understanding of the intended outcomes.


6. Engage in conversation with mentor throughout internship about changes in functioning of the participants in order to understand the evaluation process and the effectiveness of programs.


7. Use enthusiasm and creativity when collaborating with mentor about programs in order to gain confidence in own abilities.


8. Independently create a program for participants at Senior Services using evidence-based practice.


9. ​Understand the IDT (interdisciplinary team) meeting ​process of reviewing the case status and supports provided to determine placement of participant along the continuum of care.




Rubric/Criteria for Success:

Learning Outcome: Review/Revision/Completion of Goals

The student has reviewed and revised goals in collaboration with their mentor. They are appropriate for a remote internship.

Learning Outcome: Goals Uploaded

The student has uploaded the approved goals to their blog.

Learning Outcome: Mentor Approval

The mentor has approved the goals as evidenced by their comment on the student’s blog page.

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