Agency/Setting Scan

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  1. Agency/Setting name and description (brief explanation of the agency type, services provided, populations served, location).

Service Source- Senior Services (Fairfax, Virginia). Non-profit organization that supports seniors with minor cognitive and physical disabilities. Senior Services focuses on social inclusion so that the participants can actively engage in day-to-day activities at the Fairfax County Senior Centers.  

  1. Etiology & History- when was the agency founded and how has it changed/grown over time?

Prior to the establishment of Senior Services, Fairfax county ​Senior Centers had a contract with Easter Seals and the program was called “Senior Plus”. This organization provided nursing support, case management and recreation therapy and operated under a medical model. “Senior Plus” was offered to people who were independent and didn’t meet the criteria for ​adult health care/assistive living but still needed extra support. In July of 2015, a contract was awarded to Service Source and Senior Services was born. Senior Services is a social inclusion program that provided recreation therapy and case management programming. Senior Services conducts its business within senior center in Fairfax County to support active adults. The services provided follow a social inclusion structure and does not have separate programs and activities for their participants, everybody involved is offered the same activities.

  1. Mission/Vision/Core Values- List these.

Vision of Service Source: “We envision communities that welcome, value, and support the full diversity of their members”

Purpose: “The mission of ServiceSource is to facilitate services and partnerships that support people with disabilities, their families, their caregivers and community members in order to build more inclusive communities.”

Values: In all that we do we recognize that we are a bridge to community. Our values comprise iBridge:

I- Impact to support and engage people of all abilities

B- Building relationships and partnerships

R- Respect for individuals needs and choices

I- Integrity through stewardship and compliance

D- Diversity of thought and participation

G- Growth through innovation and learning

E- Excellence of purpose and performance

(“About ServiceSource,” n.d.)

Additionally, the mission statement for Fairfax county’s Senior Services is: “Our mission is to bring people and resources together to strengthen the well-being of individuals and communities.”

(“Neighborhood and Community Services: About Us,” n.d.)

  1. Agency continuum of services and intended goals/outcomes for those services.

Senior Services offers two program functions: Therapeutic Recreation and Case Management. The goal of the TR program is to design and implement adaptations and modifications needed to support the participants. The goal of the case management programming is to offer guidance and provide referrals to participants and families which help determine appropriate programs or services for the individual.

(“Senior Services,” n.d.)

  1. Stakeholders- identify the internal/external stakeholders of RT services- examples of internal stakeholders are treatment team members, allied professionals, supervisors, volunteers, administrators, any employees or internal agents that are elemental to the provision in RT services. Examples of external stakeholders include customers, families, vendors, partners, any entity or person external to the agency.

Internal Stakeholders: Case Managers, Director of Senior Services, Director and Assistant Director from Senior Center, Representative from Fairfax County Adult Day Healthcare, Department of Family Services Social Workers, volunteers, paid instructors, Fairfax County supervisors: Regional and Operation ​Managers

External Stakeholders:

Families and customers

Corporate Partners: Raymond James, STGi, The Home Depot Foundation.

Corporate Sponsors: Choice Hotels, Cushman & Wakefield, Hilton Worldwide, Marriott, Playa.

Regional Partners: AMETEK Foundation, Bank of America, Bayside Solutions, Inc., Capital One, Chesapeake Lodging Trust, Crestline Hotels & Resorts, Inc., DiamondRock Hospitality Company, Digital Office Products, Duke Energy Foundation, HEI Hotels and Resorts, Hogan Lovells US LLP, Lowes, M. C. Dean, Northrop Grumman, PepsiCo, Inc., Performance Food Group, Safeway Foundation, Santander Bank, The Mark Travel Corporation, USI Insurance Services LLC.

(“Corporate Partners,” n.d.)

  1. Organizational chart- describe the chain of management/supervision within the agency beginning with yourself as the intern.Recreation Therapy Intern -to- Recreation Therapist (x9)/Case Manager (×3) -to- Director of Senior Services -to- Executive Vice President of Regional Operations (Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC) -to- President/Chief Executive Officer (two different positions but hold same leadership level) of Service Source. 


  1. Agency Policies and Procedures (2)- applicable to all agency employees. List the name and a one-sentence explanation of the purpose of the policy.

DMCA policy- Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. The purpose of the DMCA policy is to protect the intellectual property rights of copyright owners and consumers at ServiceSource.

(“ServiceSource DMCA Policy,” n.d.)

Document Management- ServiceSource practices solutions to enhance quality assurance into the documentation process. These solutions are: Document Imaging, Long-term labor contracting, Data entry, Document Destruction, Data Correction, CD Rom duplication, Document Preparation, Long-term file preservation, and Indexing.

(“Document Management,” n.d.)


  1. RT Policies and Procedures (3)- applicable to RT services only. List the name and a one-sentence explanation of the purpose of the policy.

Individual Program Planning- The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the staff of ServiceSource is fostering an active involvement from person’s served in the development of individual program plans. 

Intake and Admissions- The purpose of this policy is to ensure that ServiceSource staff is responding to all referrals consistently, efficiently and in a responsive manner. 

Service Files- The purpose of this policy is to ensure that employees of ServiceSource are maintaining files confidentially for each participant recieving services. 


  1. Accreditation/Licensing/Regulation- identify what agencies regulate the agencies and RT services. For each regulating body, give an example of a regulation impacting RT services.

Service Source is CARF accredited for:

community employment services: employment supports

community employment services: job development

comprehensive vocational evaluation services (FL)

Community integration (VA)

Employment planning services

Employment skills training services

Organizational employment services

The CARF accreditation impacts the joint programming and volunteering aspects of RT programming at Senior Services.

(“Accreditation and Recognition,” n.d.)

The Health Department uses to Serve Safe qualify the Senior Services to make sure food preparation and service is safe and sanitary.


Market Scan:

  1. Who are the customers of RT services at this agency?

Active adults (50+) in the Fairfax County area.

  1. What is the cost and how are RT services paid for (membership fees, billable services, bundled fees, grants, etc.)?

RT services are no extra cost. The membership fee is all inclusive. 48$ a year for typical in county membership. 24$ a year if annual income is less than 28,000$. 100$ membership fee is participant is out of county or state. Extra fees may be applicable for certain classes that involve outsider instructor or supplies. Community outings involve fees for tickers or public transportation fare. Lunches are based on donations 2-5$. Guests are welcome any day and can pay a daily fee of 10$.

  1. What is the product/service provided to the customers?

General recreation and inclusion support when needed.

  1. Are the customers satisfied with the RT services provided? How do you know?

My mentor has stated that there has never been a survey indicates whether customers are satisfied or not. Typically feedback about services is communicated verbally from participant to provider. Since going virtual, feedback is collected through email, phone calls, and other forms of informal communication.

  1. Are there competitors to your agency?

Not really since the other agency’s offer completely different levels of care. Also, people from other independent living situations are welcome to join the Senior Services which eliminates competition. Perhaps other private organizations that offer senior recreation such as churches or country clubs could be considered competition.

  1. Are there untapped/potential markets which RT services could be expanded to? If so, who are they and what services?

People with developmental and intellectual disabilities coming out of vocational or day-support programs that are looking for a place to engage in activities that foster a more meaningful day. The services are offered throughout the day and the participants could choose when to come and can leave when they please. Services can be expanded to mental health populations, to also help fill their days with meaningful activities after graduating from a more intensive care facility.


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Rubric/Criteria for Success:

Agency Scan

The student completed all elements of the agency scan per the instructions in the assignment description.

Market Scan

The student adequately replied to all market scan prompts.


The student correctly cites in APA style all the sources utilized to gather the information for this blog post.

Mentor Approval

The student’s mentor has reviewed the post, checking it against assignment description and rubric criteria. The mentor has approved he student’s work.

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