Hello and Welcome to my professors, mentor and peers! I am excited to share this unique experience with you all.

My years in the Therapeutic Recreation program at Longwood have shaped me tremendously into the individual I am today. One of the more formative experiences for me was completing the senior poster presentation. We had the option of working with a partner or going at it alone, I chose to work alone (not typical of me). Upon completion of this demanding assignment, I had found the confidence to go my own way and make decisions for myself (and conduct research like no body’s business). Furthermore, this is not a specific, one time experience, but realizing my worth and capabilities over time has greatly enhanced my mental preparation for this internship.

By the end of this internship I hope to be able to develop a new program for ServiceSource that the Recreational Therapy department can implement into their services. I also would like to become more knowledgeable about community integration processes and procedures.

I am interested in adventure therapy and helping people overcome mental health challenges.

I look forward to learning and growing with you all over the next several weeks.

-Sarah Irby