Blog Development


Rubric/ Criteria for Success:

Learning Outcome: Parent Tabs

The following parent tabs are present, in order and labeled as: Home, Blog Posts, Course Project, Book Club

Learning Outcome: Drop-Down/Child Tabs

The drop-down tabs are labeled and ordered according to the assignment description.

Learning Outcome: Rubrics

For each assignment page, the student has cut and pasted the respective rubric from the instructor’s blog and/or canvas.

Learning Outcome: “Home” Page

The student has completed the “Home” page according to assignment instruction to include the narrative (2 past experiences, 2 interests, 2 goals), the bio pic, and welcome statement.

Learning Outcome: Theme/Profile Picture

The student selected a blog theme and profile picture that is appropriate and reflective of the purpose of the blog.

Learning Outcome: Mechanics

All content is free of grammatical and spelling errors. Language used is of professional caliber.

Learning Outcome: Mentor Approval

The student’s mentor has checked that all blog elements are correct and has commented on the “Blog Development” page that it is complete.

Learning Outcome: Add Instructor as Admin

The student added the course instructor as an administrator to their blog.

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