Week 5

At Senior Services, providing a space for senior to engage in community based recreation activities is the goal. To decrease friction so that seniors are less likely to bail on groups they had signed up to participate in each week, a sign could be displayed at the exit reminding them when the next meeting time is. This sign decreases the mental effort to remember when the next group is thus enhancing the probability that they will show up.

I could start doing two-minutes of work on a project and stop to decrease my procrastination. Or simply, open my computer and pull up the document I am working on. Those two actions would benefit my work habits.


Rubric/Criteria for Success: 

Learning Outcome: Completed Blog Post

The student completed a reflective writing blog post according to the assignment description to include replying to all questions in a narrative (paragraph) format.

Learning Outcome: Attendance & Participation

The student was on time to the book club meeting, attended the entire session, and participated actively and independently in the discussion/activities presented.

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