Week 3

Habit Stacking is combining one existing habit with another that someone wants to add to their life. For example, I brush my teeth everyday already and I want to start my days on a good note with a glass of water. Habit stacking would look like placing a cup next to my sink when I go to bed at night every time I finish brushing your teeth so that in the morning, I can fill up the cup easily and drink it. The existing habit of teeth brushing would cue the action/response of placing a cup by the sink at night and filling it the next day. Brushing my teeth is an obvious act I do every day so there is no avoiding void, it very obvious. So, supplementing that with something not so obvious to me (placing a cup on my sink) will more easily and automatically cue my brain to do the habit. Also, having the cup at my sink in the morning will be a clear trigger to do the habit. Instead of keeping my phone on my bedside table I could put it elsewhere so that I don’t check my phone first thing in the morning. Making my phone invisible when I go sleep eliminates the cue of my phone being near me and therefore preventing the response of checking it when I wake up.

Rubric/ Criteria for Success: 

Learning Outcome: Completed Blog Post

The student completed a reflective writing blog post according to the assignment description to include replying to all questions in a narrative (paragraph) format.

Learning Outcome: Attendance & Participation

The student was on time to the book club meeting, attended the entire session, and participated actively and independently in the discussion/activities presented.

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