Week 8

I really liked the idea of “falling in love with boredom” and the notion that the most exceptional people don’t have this “bottomless tank of passion”, they have just found a way to become comfortable with boredom. I like this because I tend to get down on myself very easily, telling myself I am just not that kind of person…I have passion but it runs out, so I must not be cut out to be a part of the elite. But according to the author, no one has this endless drive and motivation. That is really reassuring for me because I now feel like I don’t have to have this exceptional mentality or inherent abundance of passion. What I am right now is enough and how I feel is normal. I also really liked the concept of finding an identity to align yourself with rather than just setting a goal. I feel like I am a person who cares a lot about my identity and the way I present to others so it makes a lot of sense to me to work towards a desired identity. This concept definitely stuck with me and I think about it all the time, Who am I? Who do I want to be? What does my higher self look like (act like/do/ care about)?


Rubric/ Criteria for Success: 

Learning Outcome: Completed Blog Post

The student completed a reflective writing blog post according to the assignment description to include replying to all questions in a narrative (paragraph) format.

Learning Outcome: Attendance & Participation

The student was on time to the book club meeting, attended the entire session, and participated actively and independently in the discussion/activities presented.

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