Academic success and scholarship is heavily stressed in the Cormier’s Honors College at Longwood University. During my first semester I faced some challenges academically due to trouble adjusting socially. I also had trouble academically due to several professors my first semester who weren’t the best at communication. For several classes I wasn’t sure how I was doing academically due to grades not being put in in a timely manner. An example of poor communication during my first semester was when I asked my citizenship professor repeatedly how I was doing in her class and she repeatedly told me I was doing well. I then received a poor grade in that class due to her giving me a very low grade in participation.

During my first semester I received an email letting me know where the money for my Hull Scholarship came from. I thought that this was very interesting and cool that they made it personal instead of just giving us the money. Putting a name to the money I received inspired me to work harder in my academics.

For my second semester I was determined to do better and I worked with my advisors in order to figure out skills I could use to raise my gpa. Luckley I had professors my second semester with whom I worked much better. I communicated with all of my professors throughout the entirety of the my second semester and they were all very good about getting back to me and explaining the answers to my questions so I was able to understand the assignments better. I wasn’t able to raise my gpa as much as I had hoped but I will continue striving for academic excellence in the fall semester.

Hull Education Scholarship TY Note.