Citizen 110- Society and Monsters

For my Citizenship 110 class we learned how to create arguments. The class was called Society and Monsters. We read the books Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer and formed arguments reflecting different perspectives from our readings. We then completed a project in which we formed an argument about different topics of our choosing. For our final project we chose a new topic, mine being the history behind classic fairy tail villains, and we formed arguments around them to discuss during panels during the fall showcase.

It was hard to know where I stood in this class as the professor didn’t use canvas and when I would ask she would tell me I was doing well but my final grade reflected different.

The night before our fall showcase panel I was asked to add research on an entire movie in order to fit another student’s points. I did the work but I learned I focus my time on preparation and this class was more reactive than preparatory. Before the panel I let her know I completed the research and my professor told me that she had changed her mind and didn’t ask me any questions on my new research.

Overall, I think that if I had had more clarity on my position in the class and more clarity on the expectations of the assignments I would have been more successful in this class.

Fairy Tale Villains Then and Now