Hi! My name is Sami Stoddard. I am a member of the Cormier Honors College here at Longwood University and I’m a Liberal Studies Major with a concentration in Elementary Education.

I have wanted to be a teacher for many years. As a child I had thought I wanted to teach High School English, but after several experiences that occurred while I was in High School, such as living with my young niece and interning in second and third grade classrooms, I realized that I prefered teaching things to younger children due to their excitement and willingness to learn new things.

I chose Longwood University because its education program seemed to be a good fit for me. Another large impact on my decision was based on people telling me that I should pick the place that felt most like home on the tours… That for me, hands down, was Longwood.

During my first semester I struggled to find my footing. After carefully evaluating what I could do better for my second semester, I was successful in absorbing information better and understanding what was expected of me. The on-campus potion of my second semester was amazing! I finally felt at home and I was able to do better both academically and socially and I can’t wait to come back in the fall!