One of the main reasons I chose Longwood University was due to the emphasis on Service. I have always been a very service oriented person. I have gone on several mission trips to places along the East Coast, as well as a mission trip to Haiti in January of 2019. I really enjoy helping others because I view it as a way to give back to all of the people who have helped me. One of the reasons I want to be a teacher is so I can help the next generation of people to learn, so that hopefully they become conscientious people who will want to help others as well.
For my first year at Longwood I wanted to get a footing and see where I thought I would fit best. I didn’t participate in any campus-led services in the fall, and I was planning on talking to my advisors about ways to get more involved during the later half of the spring semester but we were sent home due to the corona virus pandemic. I have been looking at the Longwood website to view the service opportunities for the fall semester and I hope that I get the chance to participate in those service activities.

This is a photo from my mission trip to Haiti.