Teaching Effective Collaboration

CAFE’s 3rd Annual Pre-Spring Semester Workshop Series

January 3-5, 2024


Teaching our students how to collaborate in multiple modalities – such as writing and speaking – and in multiple contexts – such as information literacy and with a focus on equity – enhances their interpersonal skills and develops a sense of collective responsibility. The ability to collaborate is a crucial skill that extends beyond the classroom. This symposium aims to explore innovative approaches, share best practices, and inspire educators to cultivate a collaborative spirit among students. In this series of workshops, CAFE Staff, CAFE Faculty Consultants, and DEC Staff will provide tips and tools to help you maximize the effectiveness of your collaborative classrooms. Each session will include time to work on your classes so that you walk away with a product to help improve your spring semester.  

You choose which sessions you would want to attend.  Please go to https://forms.gle/ti58ksD9XVYbNQj59 to register.

All sessions via Zoom unless indicated otherwise.

You can download the full schedule and workshop descriptions below.