The mission of CAFE is to foster a vibrant intellectual community that supports innovative teaching, scholarship, and professional growth.  CAFE pursues this mission with the understanding that a dynamic faculty engages students by integrating learning with 21st Century pedagogies.  To this end, it seeks to promote, sustain, and celebrate a climate of open intellectual exchange–an ongoing cross-disciplinary dialogue that builds collaborative relationships.



Connections and Learning Communities:   CAFE connects faculty to a variety of learning communities to support teaching, scholarship and professional growth.

On Time “Programming” and Resources:  CAFE  provides resources that are based on faculty need and relevant emerging trends in higher education.  CAFE provides on-time programming and resources in formats that are easily accessible.

Infrastructure: As a vital university resource, CAFE invests in a strong infrastructure.


Contact CAFE

Dr. Pamela Tracy, Director
Clark House
E-mail: tracypj@longwood.edu