Traveling to another country comes with many challenges and opportunities, and none the least of which is deciding just where and what to eat. In a country full of rich and diverse cultures, peoples, and locations such as Spain, this task can seem even more daunting. However, the one region that should not be overlooked is the Province of Cordoba. Containing a number of Michelin-star restaurants, at varying price levels that can fit into any and every budget, and suit every palate; Cordoba is one place no visitor should ever overlook when it comes to dining.

Interior of El Bar de Paco Morales
From Taberna el nº 10

For those on a strict budget: Taberna el nº 10 is a lively tapas bar with a warm atmosphere that is the perfect place for students to unwind while enjoying quality “small bites” after a hard day’s work of classes and studying. However, for those looking for a more substantial meal, they need to turn no further than El Bar de Paco Morales, whose menu focuses on giving popular dishes a more modern flair, while providing its patrons with a fun atmosphere where they can relax and savor their meal. Both of these fine bars accommodate late hours, remain open until midnight, and are located centrally to the province; and, patrons will find that there is no need to “break the bank” to enjoy either venue.

From Casa Pape de la Juderia
From La Cuchara de San Lorenzo

For those looking to elevate their dining experience in Cordoba: La Cuchara de San Lorenzo, is a location with a moderately priced menu that focuses on traditional cuisine with a modern flair, such as Salmorejo, Flamenquin, and Oxtail. Or, if you are someone that prefers ambiance and history, overall, consider making a reservation at Casa Pepe de la Judería for your next meal. Located in the city’s Jewish Quarter, enjoy Southern Spanish Cuisine on a traditional Andalusian patio, or on a rooftop terrace.

The interior of Noor restaurant
From the tasting menu of Noor

Lastly, for those looking for nothing short of elegance and extravagance: The fine dining establishment Noor, will more than suit your needs. Take a trip through the ages with chef Paco Morales’ ever-changing seasonal menu, which explores Andalusian cuisine throughout the ages and brings history into the modern era for a new generation to enjoy once more. Savor desserts that feature locally sourced ingredients and main courses that transport you throughout time itself in an environment that embraces its namesake by being warm, bright, and welcoming.

For further information on these restaurants, as well as other Michelin-star locations in Cordoba, please visit the Michelin Guide webpage here. For further information on Cordovan cuisine, gastronomy, culture, and history please visit the further information page.