The Royal Palace of Madrid is known as the Palacio Real de Madrid.  The history of this palace relates all the way back to the 18th century.  It was built after a fire in the former Palace of the Alcazar of Madrid which was destroyed by a fire in 1734.  The construction of the Royal Palace of Madrid began in 1738 under King Philip V of Spain.  King Philip V was the first monarch of the Bourbon dynasty in Spain and the palace was where they resided.  Along with this, the Royal palace was intended to project the influence and longevity of the monarchy.  The Royal Palace of Madrid shows examples of Baroque and Neoclassic architecture.

Some of the main designers of this building were Filippo Juvarra, Juan Bautista, and Francesco Sabatini.  This resulted in an immensely grand palace that reflected the Spanish monarchy.  This palace houses some of the rarest art in the world.  It consists of paintings, sculptures, historical artifacts, tapestries, and other treasures making it a cultural and artistic center in Spain.

In the past the Royal Palace had been the official residency of Spanish monarchs but, now it is used primarily for the state ceremonies and events held in Madrid.  It plays a large role in the affairs of the Spanish monarchy, as it has witnessed very significant historical events in Spanish history.  The Royal Palace of Madrid is a great stop for those who are interested in the origins of Madrid.,is%20open%20to%20the%20public.