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IVAM – Institut Valencià d’Art Modern

To learn more about paella and its significance to Valencian culture, here is a website link that contains an interview between a tourist official and the interview host about paella having protected cultural status. Valencia, Spain, gives cultural protection to iconic rice and meat dish paella : NPR

Looking for some more cool spots to visit in Valencia? Check out the website below. 24/7 Valencia offers articles on art, sports, food, history, and so much more. The page offers recent updates on everything related to the city to ensure that your trip is well planned! 24/7 Valencia

Scholarly Sources

Interested in seeing the Torres de Serranos but want to learn more of the history and past life of the building and its significance? The scholarly article titled “Arqueologia de la Arquitectura” gives information of the strategies used to construct the building and its conservation from the past that affects people today. The constructive stratigraphic analysis as documentation of the materiality and guide for its conservation in the restoration project: the Serranos Towers of Valencia and the Tower of Homage of the Castle of Cofrentes (Valencia) – DOAJ

Found the Golden Age of Valencia interesting? Here’s another article on how rural elites gained and kept wealth in fifteenth-century Valencia. Focusing on the Midlands in the Kingdom of Valencia, the article provides unique insight into the general trends of the rural elite in the Middle ages. This article provides a perspective not discussed in the blog post, as that discussion follows urban life. Follow this link for the article: Aparisi, Frederic. “Village Entrepreneurs: The Economic Foundations of Valencian Rural Elites in the Fifteenth Century.” Agricultural History 89, no. 3 (2015): 336–57.


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Website On The History Of The Turia Gardens Suddreth

The Turia Gardens has such a rich history, and I recommend everyone who is interested in it look on to this website for more information on it. It is one of the most popular gardens in Central Valencia, and is the largest urban garden In Spain with 18 zones to it.