Letter to my Senior Self

Dear Senior Self,

My hope for you is that you become wise over these four years. I hope that you’re able to never stop learning. I want the knowledge you learn here to fill every void of your mind until you just don’t know what to do with all the information and experience that you have earned here. I want the pillar of scholarship to shine through you and be able to continue to build on that pillar even after you have left the quaint town of Farmville.

I also hope that you can give back. There is so much you have to offer if you simply are able to believe in yourself. Give back in ways people didn’t necessarily think of in order to make your service uniquely yours. I believe it is important for you to fight for the rights of those who are like you and contain similar experiences to you in addition to serving the general public through miscellaneous services. You will have gained so much knowledge of the struggles and the hardships, but also of the great moments that people in the LGBTQ+ community need to hear. Be a beacon of hope and to show that it is possible because that’s the greatest service of all.

Finally, don’t forget those who have helped you get here. Your friends, your family, your professors, and your peers have all fought for you in one way or another. Never forget all the memories that you have made with every single one of them. They are all fighting for you to succeed, so trust in that. You have the potential to change the world and achieve every goal you have not only personally, but professionally. The community around you have made you who you are today.

Do great things and be kind. I have high hopes for you and us being the same person I know I don’t like to be disappointed. Even if I am unsure of the future right now, I am sure you will define each moment in bold print. Good luck kid.


A much more youthful you,


Jace Frank