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HIST 222

I took this honors course in Spring of 2019. This course was focused on the history from 1877 to present times. This means the class history started shortly after the period of reconstruction. The years that followed were years of great change and progress as America was shaped into the way it is today. The artifact from this class I chose is where we had to create a buzzfeed “listicle” about the 7 ways that studying history from 1877 to modern times history shapes the way you think about _____. I chose to show how it shapes the way you think about progress. Through this I was able to use the primary sources we had been using all semester as well as other information we acquired to fully prove each point. I think I was able to truly exemplify how much progress, or in some cases lack of progress, has evolved throughout history. An improvement that I would make would be to make it look more like an actual buzzfeed article to improve the quality of it. Moving on from this class I am able to take away important skills about utilizing primary source documents as well as integral parts of history that I have learned to make for a better society in the future. 

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Brief Description: This was the final project for the class that allowed us to utilize all the information that we had learned throughout the semester to prove our points. Through the semester I saw tremendous acts of progress in everything that we were learning so I chose to focus on that. This assignment utilized all the information that we used throughout the semester in order to analyze history in a new way. The date on this is May 1, 2019.