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THEA 341

I enhanced sound design in the Spring of 2020 as to fulfill more of my honors requirements. This class was built to understand the basics of sound design as well as learning the basics of sound systems and how they function. I am focused in sound so I already knew a lot of the basics. I wanted to get deeper into what I wanted from the class. I chose to make a poster presentation on The Importance of Frequencies in Sound. In this presentation I went in depth into the different frequencies and what certain instruments sounded like at the given frequencies. I also went into understanding how to improve these frequencies using equalization. The lessons I learned from this enhancement project was extremely beneficial and is information that will aid me for the rest of my career as a sound technician. I hope to continue to build on this information as I enter more practical situations in which I would use this information. Overall, the enhancement project gave clarity to a field that I had a general understanding of.

Below is my poster presentation. I worked hard on trying to display the most important findings of my research while explaining why it is so important. I struggled a bit simply due to the need for background information on sound systems and how they functioned, but in the end I think I made a comprehensive poster that could interest people even if they have no sound experience.

The Importance of Frequencies in Sound