For my internship in the summer of 2019, I worked as an assistant sound engineer for Heritage Theatre Festival which is based out of UVA. My job duties entailed setting up the sound system for every show we produced that season, preformed as a sound board operator for all of the shows in one of the theaters, and maintained the inventory that we had. I was able to learn a lot of important skills such as soldering, digital patching, operating different sound boards, sound system equalization, and much more. My supervisor was a great person to work with and took moments aside so that I had moments to truly learn about what was being done and why the steps were necessary. There was a huge level of trust in between the two of us and enough to where he could leave me on tasks to return hours later which was a great feeling. I was able to take from this experience so many great skills that I could apply to my time in Longwood Theatre and for my time when I graduate. I built many great professional connections and some lifelong friends from all around the country. While I was supposed to return to work with them the summer of 2020, due to everything transpiring their season was cancelled. I hope I am able to work with the company again sometime in the future because they are such a great group of individuals who are very open to various learning opportunities.

Below is an image of a sound board that I ran for our production of Pride and Prejudice. This picture illustrates the digital patching that I did. Each channel represents a different speaker that the audio playback software (Qlab) could send specific sounds to and multiple channels could be called upon so that the sound goes through multiple speakers instead of isolating it to only one.