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THEA 342

I enhanced this theatre lighting design class in the Fall of 2019 to make it one of my honors credits. For my enhancement project I chose not to present a poster, but to rather present the show with the help of the Longwood Company of Dancers. My enhancement project was to fully design the fall show, Meraki. This show included thirteen pieces varying in size and length. I was able to work alongside the choreographers to help them convey their message to the audience. It is a very satisfying thing to watch as every little change in the lights adds another dimension to the piece. I took what I had learned in the class as well as previous experience with lighting design in order to make this show the best it could be. I worked with initial thoughts of the piece and then moved into research images and conversations with each choreographer. My main goal of lighting design was to tell the choreographers story. Obviously, there is some of my personality in the design because it is partly how I perceived the piece and translated that into light. There is so many things you can do with the intensity, the direction, and the color of light that will totally change the feeling of the piece.


Below is a piece from the show which my good friend and photographer George Gaston filmed. In the video you can see and feel the various emotions that are trying to be conveyed. Each story contained elements of joy, heartbreak, anger, and freedom which I had to use lights to show that.

Bury a Friend Longwood Company of Dance