Southside SPCA

On MLK day, my teammates and I went to the Southside SPCA to volunteer. I got to hang out with many dogs and cats throughout the day and I couldn’t have been happier! I gave the animals company, as well as sorting through some paperwork for the organization. I met so many amazing animals, as well as people. I was truly touched by all the individuals who worked and volunteer there, because they take such good care of all the different animals. Many of the animals have gone through so many struggles in their life, and it makes me happy to see them get all this love, which they deserve. The majority of the dogs were shy and scared of all the volunteers due to their past life’s and relationships, but after introducing yourself, they become their happy selves by running around and playing with everyone. A worker said that the best thing for them is having all this company, so it prepares them for when the get adopted. It makes my heart happy to see all the love these dogs get, and I will definitely be volunteering there more. I am glad and thankful I could help these animals get all the love and support they deserve.

This is Shiitake and me… yes his name is Shiitake, like the mushroom!
This is Alison and me!