Service is recognized through many different acts, big and small. I believe they are both very important to have an impact on the world around us and reach out to help as many people as possible. Those big parts of service can include things like donating money or items or working at many different organizations and businesses. The small things are equally important, maybe even more and tend to be the things people do not see. It can be the little interactions or simple communication between people that can make all the difference. Helping others is a big passion of mine and has always been a huge part of my life. A motto I always live by isĀ Be Kind. Serving others allows happiness and positivity to be spread. I believe this world always needs some more of that. I want to help the world around me be the best that it can be. I hope that if I preform service, others are encouraged to do so too. I know that is how it worked with me! A community really benefits from this and bonds them even tighter. A community together can really make an impact and I hope to be one of the lead individuals that contributes to that. Check out some of the service projects, and job experience, I have done at my time at Longwood in the tabs under this section!