Alongside my Kinesiology major, I am minoring in Psychology. I originally came into Longwood as a psychology major, due to my passion for helping people which originates from how a person brain works and how they behave. However, my plan from the beginning was always to stick with psychology and eventually add another main area of focus alongside, I just didn’t know what that was at the time. However, as stated in the Kinesiology tab and now as a Sophomore at Longwood, I decided that the additional area of focus was health science. Nevertheless, I have completed many psychology courses and will continue down the psychology path throughout my time at Longwood. In fact, I have completed my psychology minor, but would like to continue to take courses around psychology because I am very interested on this topic. I also think it will give me the best success in my future! In my psychology minor, so far, I have maintained a 3.94 GPA.