I have always valued education and my academics. Since I was little, my academics have been put first and I have been determine to make the most out of ever class and experience that I have come in counter with. I think that being provided with a solid, great education is a privilege, therefore I want to take advantage of it and use it to change the world around me. I am honored to say that I finished high school with a 4.1 GPA and currently uphold a 3.88 GPA at Longwood University. To add on, I was also a part of the Honors Society at Brentsville District High School as well as I am at Longwood University. I strive to learn and retain as much information I can to relate and use back to the world around me. School teaches you many concrete ideas but also teaches you many life lessons and areas of improvement. That is what I admire about education, and that is why I want to keep continuing my education further. Also, my mother is a teacher, and by watching her over the years, I have grown an extra level of respect for educators.

Fun fact, My friend and I are currently taking Chemistry and plan to make a vlog to talk about our take home labs!