Honors College

When first applying to Longwood University, I came off a very successful High School education, and therefore I applied for the Honors Program. I wanted to not only be challenged with the top-level courses that the Honors College provided, but also engage in the life of the Farmville community and capture the position of to lead, guide and serve. The Honors College strives off of the concepts of scholarship, community and service, which I wanted to engage in more and are interest of mine that I wanted to continue to incorporate in my life.  To maintain one’s Honors status, it is required to uphold a 3.25 GPA and in fact, at my time at Longwood, I have maintained a 3.881 GPA. To add on, I would need to take 8 honors courses, at least on every other semester, which, so far, I have fulfilled 3 out of my 5 courses and will be continuing to take honor courses at my time at Longwood. Something super interesting that is required in the Honors College is a study abroad trip! I am currently looking into my trip and hope to go on a trip soon, to further my experiences and knowledge. I would love to go somewhere in Africa, to experience a new culture and scenery.

In fact, I have a separate honors blog, that goes more in depth about my specific courses I am taking and additional academic information about me!

Check it out: http://blogs.longwood.edu/forstca/

Here is one, of many, fun adventures that I got to experience through the Honors Program… Ropes Course and Zip Lining!