Alongside soccer, I like to participate in other sports, not only because I am interested in how other sports work but also because I love trying new things! In my Freshman year at Longwood, I was a part of a club volleyball team and I would play racquetball competitively in the campus recreational center. Also, one of my new favorite sports to play is tennis! During my Sophomore year, some of my teammates and I have gone to the tennis courts multiple times to play a competitive game. To add on, I enjoy being out in nature and going on nature walks and hikes! In fact, my team also went on a little mini hike whenever we traveled for a game and explored new areas in the nations! Not only do I like being outside, but I also love nurturing plants in my home. I have eight plants currently and in the process of growing two more. I strive to be the best plant mom that I can be!

New plants of mine!