IT Science Case Study: Domino's Becomes an E-Commerce Pizza Maker

The Coronavirus hit late into my Freshman year at Longwood and sent me home early to finish the rest of my second semester. Since I was home early, with much free time on my hands, and with Summer right around the corner, I decided to look for jobs. I had previously worked casually at a Farmers Market, cooking breakfast sandwiches, and did the casual babysit job. However, I wanted something more concrete and to provide a more steady income, also something to help my gain experience in the work force and keep me busy! This is when I started working at Dominos. I started working at my local Dominos, in Manassas, Virginia, in May 2020 and I am currently still employed there. In this job, I am a delivery driver, delivering pizza and other food or drinks to my local community. On top of this, I have to clean and organize the inside shop. I prepare the orders before they are sent out, wash the dishes, sweep the floors, fold pizza boxes, answer phones and help customers who enter the store. Since I had this job during the COVID pandemic, I had to learn and maintain many guideline and restrictions to adhere to the customers and employee’s health and safety. I enjoy this job, whenever I work, and it gives me many different areas to work with people in a different setting. It might not directly relate to health and my major, but it helps give me a real-world job experience and allows me to see how the work force works. I am very thankful for this opportunity, and hope to continue this job experience, as well as searching for an internship in the health care field.