Education 245 Honors

After enjoying my first honors class so much, I decided to challenge myself and sign up for two honors classes for the  spring semester. One of the honors classes I decided to sign up for was Education 245. I was really excited for this class as it related to my major and something I am very interested in. Similar to my CITZN class, on the first day Dr. Cosby presented us with our syllabus and explained to us what she expected from us throughout this semester. I really liked this because it allowed me to plan my semester out to be the most successful student I could be.

For each class, Dr. Cosby included an interactive activity which I really enjoyed. It allowed for the students to learn beyond the textbook, and apply what we learned. She also had us do many presentations which I liked because many of us are planning on becoming teachers, so we need to get used to speaking in front of the class. Along with the interactive activities, she had very organized presentations for us to follow along and allowed us to chime in whenever. I really liked the way she ran our class because it wasn’t the typical classroom routine, something I hope to carry into my own classroom. I decided to attach my Three Age’s Project Presentation, our biggest project of the semester as my artifact. For this project we were required to interview three different people from different stages of childhood and write a ten page paper incorporating theories into the interviewees answers. With our presentation, we were suppose to share some of our findings with the class and explains our connections. It was a very difficult project, but one that I found interesting and enjoyed doing.

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