CTZN 410 (Symposium Class)

As a member of the class of 2022, we were some of the first students to enroll in citizen classes. We were placed on the civitae curriculum, unlike our predecessors. Our college career began with CITZN 110 and ended with CTZN 410. My CITZN 410 class focused on flourishing together for the common good. I believe this was a great representation of many of my classmates’ time at Longwood because several of us showed great growth as individuals. Longwood promoted the ideals of a citizen leader and truly gave us the tools to become one. This CTZN class highlighted those ideals and allowed us to discuss them with our peers.

Each week we were assigned a reading that opened discussion between the class. Some of the topics debated were technology, how to define leisure, good qualities of humans and friendships, and writings of famous philosophers. Simultaneously, we were researching how to create a nature play path in Farmville. Our class was split into several groups each focused on a specific topic. I was placed in the early childhood group where we research the best types of play for children and developmental milestones. At the conclusion of our class, we presented our research and explained how to make the nature play path a possibility in the community. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the class and thought it challenged me in a beneficial way.

Below I have attached a link to my virtue habitation reflection. Throughout the course of the class, each individual was required to select a virtue in life they hoped to improve and reflect it at the completion of the class.


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