Professional Development

Last Spring semester, I was selected to attend an Alpha Delta Pi conference as a representative of the Vice President of Member Development for the Epsilon Chi Chapter. The conference was located in Atlanta, Georgia and had thousands of attendees. This event gave me the opportunity to network with thousands of people and gain valuable skills. The conference lasted three days and within each day, we were separated by our position. Grouped by positions, we were sent to attend various sessions that discussed different topics that would be helpful to us. Some of the topics we discussed in my sessions were how to handle upset individuals, how to enforce the rules/ standards of the chapter, and how to run standards meetings. Within each session, we were required to practice these new skills learned on other attendees which gave us the opportunity to meet new people. Not only was I able to create new friendships from other chapters, I was able to form a closer bond with the sisters from my chapter.

Focusing on professional development, this was the first conference I have ever attended. As mentioned earlier, we discussed many topics that benefited me not only in Greek Life, but also in my personal life. For example, because I learned new tactics on how to enforce the rules, I was able to apply these skills to my job when I served as a Peer Mentor. Additionally, this conference taught me great networking skills, problem-solving skills, leadership skills, and helped build my confidence. The skills I obtained from this conference will benefit me for years to come and will assist me in my future career as an educator.

Below I have attached a picture of myself and fellow honors member, Bailey Nixon, at the Conference. (I have run out of storage to include the photo directly, but the picture is included in the link below)