The transition from high school to college is never easy. In high school I always strived for success and I was hoping that being in the Cormier Honors College would challenge myself. Not only have I challenged myself, but being a member has allowed me to surround myself with people with similar mentalities pushing me to be a better student. In my short time as a freshman, I have completed three honors classes all which seemed to be my most fascinating classes. I was awarded a spot on the Dean’s List for Fall of 2018 and I am hoping to receive it again for Spring 2019.

One of my most challenging classes from this year would be my Political Science 101 class. As a senior in high school, I took AP GOV so I figured that this class would be a breeze, but I couldn’t be more wrong. Dr. Carver took a different approach with the class, basing it on her lectures and simple PowerPoints to go along with it. We were expected to engage with her lectures as well as take notes. It was one of the most difficult classes I have taken thus far, yet I learned so much from it that now can help me better understand our government system for the next election making me an informed voter. For this reason, I decided to attach my first essay from her class discussing Federalist Paper #35 because I received a 100% on it, and I had never been so proud of myself. I hope every freshman encounters a challenging course like this their first year, as it really opened my eyes to a different way of learning.