History 222 Honors

After enjoying my CITZN 110 class so much with Dr. Dudley-Shotwell in the fall, I decided to take my history 222 class with her for my second honors class of the spring semester. This class resembled my CITZN class, but with a twist. We were required to annotate the sources we were given but we also got to do other things. We got to watch movies, listen to podcast, and shows all while taking notes. This class we didn’t have the in-class discussions once a week on our articles because every class was a discussion. Although we didn’t get in the typical classroom discussion set up, we were allowed to chime in whenever, make comments when we felt necessary, and address our classmates. Again, I really like this because it allows for students to speak freely and hear opinions from their peers without judgment. One difference with my history class from my CITZN class was that we had quizzes. Although we had quizzes, they were only on our assigned Crash Course episodes and were open-note.

For our final example we were required to create a Buzzfeed Article, using seven of the topics from our class and reflecting on them. I really like how Dr. Dudley-Shotwell assigns projects instead of test because it allows to use everything we’ve learned throughout the semester and really demonstrate our knowledge of the material. I decided to attach my final project as my artifact for this class because I loved the way it turned out and everything I learned from the class. I will definitely be signing up for another class with Dr. Dudley-Shotwell in the future if it aligns with my schedule!

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