RECR 420-50: Environmental Education Resources

This class was the second class that I chose to take for my outdoor education minor. This was a lot different than the other class in comparison. This class was a lot more about lesson planning rather than the skills for outdoor activities. I really enjoyed this class because it was very similar to my major classes about program planning, but instead of making is therapeutic there was an emphasis on making it educational. I also really enjoyed that we had our classes either outside or in the environmental building at Lancer Park. This really allowed me to be more engaged because a lot of the things we were learning about we would learn through participation and debriefing. This class remained consistent even through the pandemic, which I really appreciated and our learning, while is was disrupted, was still valuable.

One of the projects that we did was that we could pick one topic of our choosing and do a lesson on this after trying it for a while. I choose the practice of mindfulness to share because I practiced that for about a month beforehand and really enjoyed the concept.

The Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness