ART 125: Aesthetic Express Studio Art

This class was a lot more fun then I was expecting it to be. I had already taken some art classes because I was a prospective art minor student, but have sense dropped that because I wish to move my life/career in another direction. We worked with our drawing and perspective skills in the first part of class and then after midterms we worked in the clay studio. Although I enjoyed the first part of the class a lot I had already done many studies in 2D art in other classes and in high school. The clay studio was a foreign place to me, which I enjoyed. At first it was a little awkward because I do not like to get messy or make messes, but when you are spinning on the wheel it tends to be very messy. This was something that I had to overcome, but once past it I really loved my time in the studio. I would like to work on pottery until Bedford Hall would close because I enjoyed being there alone in the studio and listening to music. I find that I am most creative when I am alone, but I would also bring friends along to keep me company at some points as well.

Below is a slideshow of a 3D sculpture. The sculpture was made by a classmate and I added the design onto it. I had fun with this because I wanted to create something that many would enjoy. I took my inspiration from various tattoo artists and focused on making small and intricate marks to create a vast universe. I added a lot of personal details, such as the star signs of all my close friends and meteors that were a sign of impending doom.