ASL 110: Begining Language & Culture

I took this class fall of 2018 in order to fulfill my Global Citizen Pillar of the Civitae requirements at Longwood University. This was an amazing experience taking American Sign Language because it put me out of my comfort zone. In High School I took Latin and French, but I did not wish to continue on with either of the languages in College. This course allowed me to learn a lot about the language itself and the culture around it. I also was able to go to the Parent Child Advocate Program that was started by my professor Dr. Jones in Richmond. This helped me to meet those who were deaf and to learn from them about how it effects their life and their culture.

The biggest take away from this class would be the power of visual learning. This class was so different then all of my other classes because it was not based on auditory learning. Since it was based off of visual learning it was a whole new approach to learning for me and I would have to practice, but overall I feel as though I pick up more because it was such a different style.

The attached article is a paper explaining the difference between American Sign Language, Pidgin, and English Sign. This was an interesting paper to write because before this I was unaware that there was much of a difference in the signing techniques, but there are massive differences and even different signs as well.