CTZN 110-50: Inquiry into Citizenship

I took this class in the fall of 2018 in order to take my Citizens requirement for the Longwood Civitae. This class taught me a lot about different philosophers and their ethical views. This class also helped me get acclimated to college and my surroundings. In the class we talked about the ethical views on hot topics, such as abortion and the death penalty. We also watched a movie about the death penalty called, Dead Man Walking, and talked about the different ethical views presented in this movie. Overall this class gave me a new perspective towards my several world views.

The most important thing that I learned in this class is that going to office hours is a great opportunity. Since I am a quiet and reserved person I do not usually go to office hours unless something is wrong, but the professor required that we meet with him a few times over the course so we would be able to ask questions and get used to going and talking to our professors. This was very helpful because it made me realize that they are there for you when you need is and that it is not as “scary” as I thought it was. This also helped me to go talk to my other professors during their office hours.

The attached file was a homework assignment, in which we had to pick controversial topics and give to sides to each,