ART 324-50: Papermaking

I took Papermaking in the fall of 2018 in order to work towards my art minor goal and as an honors course. During this time the class learned how to prepare the pulp and make paper, which was an incredible experience. Each week we would have a project starting with just making paper all the way to five feet tall projects. I enjoyed the class because it was so different then any other art class I had taken.

The most important take away from this course is that failure is okay. For my final project all of my initial ideas were rejected because they were not very original and I was left feeling hopeless wondering what I could do with a bunch of paper casts of balloons. I later came up with the idea of using them as raindrops and created my first instillation piece that I was very proud of.

The article attached is my take away from a workshop and lecture I attended for my class. This talk was incredible because the man was full of great stories and knowledge that I wanted to soak up. He made all of his own tools, books, and carved bone. During the workshop I got to create my own bone-folder, which is used to crease paper smoothly, and I used it in my class.