RECR 340-50: Introduction to Outdoor Adventure Skills

This course was the first in my outdoor education minor. I was very excited to take the class because I have always been interesting in learning how to rock climb properly and all about the safety aspects of this. Since this class took place in the spring semester it was cut short due to the pandemic, which was very disappointing because we were unable to climb outside and also unable to have hands on experience with the canoeing section of the class. Although this was difficult I also have a lot of preexisting knowledge about being on the water, so I am glad that the rock climbing section was first.

Below are pictures from the 2020 Crux climbing competition, this took place right after we had finished our unit on climbing inside and we were encouraged to participate. I was very nervous for the competition, but I had been climbing twice a week so I felt relatively prepared for the beginners category. I was able to “flash” (complete in the first try) most of the top rope courses and two out of three of the bouldering problems. This allowed me to win the unisex beginner category, which was super surprising for me.