I grew up in a small town, and absolutely loved it, so I knew attending Longwood University for undergraduate school in the small town of Farmville was the right decision for me. Moving in for the first time as a freshman, I was overwhelmed by the sense of community in the Honors College. Being able to move in early and have a few days to be with the honors students on the Honors Leadership Retreat made my transition to college life a little bit easier. Having the opportunity to live with all of the honors freshmen in Wheeler Hall made my freshman year that much better, as well as being a member of the Honors Student Association. All members of the Honors College are automatically members of the Honors Student Association, but I wanted to be as involved as possible and became a distinguished member of this organization for both semesters of my freshman year. Not only am I surrounded by the honors community at Longwood, but I also have my nursing community, and the opportunity to be a part of the Student Nursing Association. The community on Longwood’s campus in general is an overall amazing experience.


Honors freshmen at the Honors Leadership Retreat graduation 2016.