The Big Question: Do I Report Sexual Assault or Not?


At the end of this video, I was speechless. To think that the people that are supposed to protect you and look out for your best interest could dismiss you so easily is frighting. More and more, I hear stories on the news or see stories online about women not reporting sexual assault. Statistics are getting higher and higher everyday of rape and harassment and how the culture of rape is growing. This discussion of women that are involved has to change as well; It can not longer be about “what she was wearing” or “how much did she have to drink.” What kind of message does that send to young girls and even to young boys??

To watch this young women tell others, that have been sexually assaulted, to “not have high expectations,” of the justice system is horrifyingly sad; it highlights how truly broken it is. We need to be the change for all the young girls in the future. We need to change it for the women getting sexually assaulted at this very moment. Lets change it so we never have to hear “The guy didn’t look like a creep,” and know that our claims are being categorized as insignificant. Lets change it so we can feel safe and valued.

To stem violence against women, men must step up

Click here to read the CNN article referenced in the audio lecture that was written by feminist and social justice educator, Don McPherson.

Interesting note:  Don McPherson is featured in the film The Line.  Nancy talks with him when she is trying to make sense of what happened to her.  In the film, he tells her “we raise women to survive in a rape culture, yet we do nothing to talk to men about not raping.”

See What He Does With Passed-Out Girl

This is a GREAT example of how students can effect change through social media.  Check out this news report including a video that went viral about the role of drinking and informed consent (even though the words “informed consent” aren’t included,this is essentially what the video addresses).