One thought on “SaVE Act against sexual violence targets college and university campuses

  1. I personally think that any act taken to help prevent sexual assault on campus is awesome. Every small step eventually adds up and will help stop all cases in the future. I have actually watched a news story before that a girl was raped on a college campus and nothing was done about it. She called the police, but since the rape happened ON CAMPUS, the campus police were responsible for finding the culprit. She called and called and gave report after report but nothing was ever done to find who raped her. Campus police are generally known for being pretty lazy and not accomplishing anything. If the CITY police can’t do anything to help rape victims, then what is being done? I think that this school did the right thing by taking the first step in helping to stop future cases. Gendered violence is a very big, growing problem, especially on college campuses. Men have the complex that they are powerful and they deserve sexual activity from women. Those are two very dangerous thoughts to put together. Hopefully more colleges will follow suit and put hardcore rules in place for all sexual harassment and rape cases.

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