Valentine’s Day Gifts Speak To The Infantilization Of Women

But beware…. this bear might just steal your woman!

Are you a man who wants to “measure up” when getting your romantic partner a Valentine’s gift?  If so, check out this ad for the “perfect” gift that every grown woman wants – a gigantic teddy bear.

A recent Forbes op-ed described how this Valentine’s Day ad that “creates girls out of women .”  In addition, the ad certainly plays on the gendered theme of men being valued for being sexual, as described in Gendered Lives. The ad proclaims ““It’s a great gift for her, and it’s sure to pay off for you,” as a man winks and hugs his girlfriend who is ecstatically happy over her giant bear gift!

Check out the ad for yourselves!  The comments below the video are hilarious too.




Vogue plays dress-up with little girls

Here is the blog I referenced in the online lecture analyzing the 15-page pictorial in a 2011 French Vogue issue featuring girls dressed as adult women in provocative poses.

This is a great example of the same pattern we are using in our Class Business blogs of building interest, establishing credibility with and educating your audience through citation of experts, and concluding with why this issue is important.  Note how it is visually easy to scan for key ideas through the short paragraphs and sub-headings, with pictures throughout to hold reader interest.

Banned Ads in the UK

Click here for an array of ads recently banned by Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority, which has the power to force companies to pull ads that are “misleading” (which includes “excessive” use of Photoshop) or endanger children.  I think the photos featuring Hailee Steinfeld and Dakota Fanning are particularly interesting because of the way the 14-year-old and 17-year-old girls are portrayed.  The authors of the article state Steinfeld looks “adorable” – I key in on the fact she looks vulnerable – like a lost child – but yet is dressed like an adult woman (although I can’t say that I agree with the Advertising Standards Authority’s reasoning for banning this ad!)  The Fanning ad is very similar to images of sexualized girls we see in the US.

10-year-old Vogue model: Pretty or pretty weird?

The December/January issue of French Vogue ignited controversy in 2011 when they featured a 10-year-old girl with a sultry look, plunging neckline, full make-up and spike heels on the cover.  The picture on this link has been cropped.  If you want to see the entire picture, click on the article link below about government bans on this type of picture.

This article discusses how France, Britian, and other countries have worked to ban underage, sexualized models or child beauty pageants.  This article features the full picture of the French Vogue cover referenced in first article.